Consolidation loan without creditworthiness – is it possible?

The banks’ loan offer is wide. It includes both special-purpose loans and loans that can be used for any expenses. One of the directional credit obligations is a consolidation loan. Read for a critique

What is it about and what conditions must be met to have a chance to get it? Are only banks providing it?

Is a consolidation loan without creditworthiness obtainable?


The condition for obtaining a loan from the bank is, among others, having sufficiently high creditworthiness, which is defined as the ability to repay the capital of the loan together with interest and other payments by the dates indicated in the repayment schedule.

In other words, the creditworthiness determines whether the customer can apply for the loan and how much commitment it can afford. The loan amount is influenced by the income that the potential borrower regularly obtains, from which sources he receives it, and what fixed costs it results from paying installments for loans and borrowings, rent or utilities.

Many customers who intend to apply for a loan are interested in how to increase their creditworthiness, the amount of which affects the positive response to a loan application submitted to the bank.

Increasing creditworthiness can be done, among others, by repayment of previously drawn credits and loans. The lower the monthly repayment commitment, the greater your creditworthiness will be.

Therefore, in this respect, it is also worth considering whether taking a consolidation loan would not be profitable. A consolidation loan is a loan product granted under banking law only by banking institutions.

Consolidation involves combining several different financial liabilities into one large loan with a single loan installment, which can be much lower than the sum of previously repaid installments. The purpose of taking a consolidation loan may be to organize your financial situation and make repayment easier.

Do you want to know how to make such a commitment? Find out what credit consolidation looks like step by step. Can you, however, get a consolidation loan without creditworthiness? Are banks willing to do so and risk granting a consolidation loan to someone who does not have enough income to pay back another loan?

Can I get a consolidation loan online without creditworthiness?


The consolidation loan can be granted on-site or online. The combination of loans in practice means that the bank repays the client’s financial liabilities in the banks and loan companies where the client incurred them. It is possible that the bank will grant a consolidation loan in a higher amount than it would appear from the loan and loan agreements submitted for the loan application.

The remaining part of the consolidation loan can be distributed freely, like cash loan money. Before a bank to which a client applies for a consolidation loan issues a positive credit decision, it first checks the consumer’s creditworthiness, credit history and ability to pay the liability.

Do you know that…?

When assessing the customer’s creditworthiness for consolidation loans, banks take into account income and costs, excluding currently repaid loans and borrowings, which will be subject to consolidation. So even if the customer cannot afford another loan at the moment, i.e. there is no creditworthiness, it will be possible to grant it in the case of a consolidation loan.

Under what conditions is a consolidation loan granted without creditworthiness?


The condition for granting a consolidation loan is a good credit history in GFI and a sufficiently high creditworthiness in the bank’s assessment. The creditor checks in GFI whether the customer has not yet been in arrears with repayment of previously drawn loans and credits.

However, when it comes to creditworthiness, it checks the stability of the client’s assets. The bank must obtain objective information as to whether the current income of the potential borrower will allow repayment of the installment loan. It should be emphasized that a consolidation loan without creditworthiness will not be granted by any bank.

This is not possible due to the existing recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the provisions of the Banking Act. The offer of banks in vain can also look for an offer for a consolidation loan without a positive history in GFI.

The only alternative for debtors to combine their liabilities into one loan is for them to use non-bank products. These companies have a more liberal policy of verifying their clients – borrowers than banks in relation to borrowers.

Consolidation loan without creditworthiness 2019 – offers

Consolidation loan without creditworthiness 2019 - offers

Non-bank consolidation loans, or rather loans and consolidations granted by loan companies, are the only option for those in debt to combine several different loans into one larger loan with a lower installment. They are available in a few loan companies, also in the form of online consolidation loans.

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