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Credit for artificial insemination.

It is said again and again when you have children that it is a blessing. You are a part of yourself and give a lot in life. This blessing does not exist for many couples when they find that they cannot have children naturally. There are always couples who do not want to put up with it and opt for an artificial insemination. However, this is very expensive and often treatment is not enough until pregnancy occurs. Many literally run out of money.

Does the health insurance cover the costs?

Does the health insurance cover the costs?

In the case of artificial insemination, the health insurance company is willing to pay 50 percent of the costs. It should be noted that private health insurance always pays more shares than the statutory health insurance. The payment is subject to conditions. The couple must be married, seek advice, and the eggs and semen must only come from the couple.

Furthermore, the health insurance only covers part of the costs for three treatments. The age limit must not be exceeded. This is a maximum of 50 years for men and between 25 and 40 years for women. For many, the pregnancy works after the first try, but for some, pregnancy does not occur. So many opt for more than three treatments because the desire for their own child is very great.

This is where the problems really begin. The health insurance company no longer pays for further treatment and the money for further treatment is often no longer available. So the couples then opt for a loan for artificial insemination. The couple can expect to pay 2,000 USD per attempt at artificial insemination. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like much, but the couple has to think about how much they want to spend on the loan for an artificial insemination. Should it be an attempt or five? This has to be clarified beforehand, because if a loan has been taken out for an artificial insemination, no further loan can be taken out so quickly.

Seize opportunities for cost savings

Seize opportunities for cost savings

To keep the credit for artificial insemination as low as possible, the federal and state governments can be asked for support. Under certain conditions, financial support can be requested here. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs always provides information about this. If a grant is granted here, the credit for artificial insemination can be much lower.

Furthermore, artificial insemination can be deducted from tax. Here, too, costs are saved again. Preparations can reduce costs so that more than three attempts at artificial insemination can be started. Now you just have to find the right bank.

Since banks rarely ask for a credit reason if the loan amount is not too high, an application can be made to both the house bank and other lenders. The same requirements apply here that have to be met as with a normal consumer loan. If the couple can meet these conditions, the loan can be taken out.

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