Loan consolidation up to $ 600,000

Consolidation Review

  • Merge multiple credit products into one single loan
  • The scope of consolidation can range from $ 30,000 to $ 600,000
  • Possibility of postponing repayment or change in repayment amount during repayment
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Donasco Loan Consolidation Review

Donasco Loan Consolidation Review

Quick overview

  • Amount : 30,000 – 600,000 USD
  • Maturity : 12 – 84 months
  • Receipt : yes
  • Checks registry : yes
  • Required documents : OP or CP or CP
  • Interest rate : from 12%

Table of installments Donasco loan consolidation

Loan Amount Maturity Payment You pay in total
$ 280,000 84 months 4 364 CZK 389,256 USD

A representative example

At the loan amount of $ 280,000, the repayment amount of $4,634, the number of installments 84 and the due date of 15 February 2024, the interest is 9.86% pa, APR 10.4%, the total amount payable by the consumer $ 389,256.

What does consolidation suit?

  • When you have more loans and want to simplify and repay their repayments
  • When you want to save money on your regular monthly installments
  • When you have financial problems and need to pay less than before
  • Looking for a safe and proven way to reduce monthly loan repayment costs

Detail information

Consolidation request

If you are interested in consolidating loans with Donasco Financial Services, you can submit your application either directly in one of the stands of this service. You will then be contacted by their staff to arrange further action.

Consolidation repayment

Consolidation of Donasco loans is similar to most other credit products – ie in the form of regular monthly installments. However, in the case of telephone consolidation, you can choose the way you pay them – either by standing order or by postal orders, in cash at Sazka terminals.

Possibility of postponing or repayment

One of the benefits of this loan consolidation is the ability to change the amount of each installment during the loan repayment or postpone another installment. Postponement can be requested after six properly paid installments, a maximum of four repayments for the entire repayment period can be postponed – for more information, visit the Donasco Financial Services website. It is possible to change the installment amount up to three times for the duration of the credit agreement, and the application can be made (even in the case of deferral) by telephone.

Payment capability insurance

If you are concerned that you may be unable to repay the loan, you can also take out insurance with your consolidation. This is provided by Maxima, and there are two basic insurance packages to choose from – the basic one, which is 2.5% of the monthly installment and the extended one, which is 8.9% of the monthly installment and offers extra coverage for job loss or hospitalization due to injury.

Consolidation is intended for:

  • To those who have more different loans and want to repay only one company
  • Those who need to reduce the total amount they repay each month
  • Those who have regular income and are able to repay the consolidation properly
  • Employees, entrepreneurs and pensioners who are not insolvent

Consolidation not determined:

  • People who have no regular income
  • Those who need to merge loans in a total value of over $600,000
  • Those who do not submit two identity documents or do not have individual loan documents
  • People in insolvency, execution or records in debtors’ registers

Quick information

Quick information

Loan Unification Conditions

  • 1 Of course, consolidation is only for adult candidates
  • 2 Another requirement is a steady source of income
  • 3 In addition to identity documents, the applicant must provide an account statement and a receipt
  • 4 You must have documentation (copies, statements, etc.) for each loan you want to consolidate

Features of this consolidation

  • Non-bank loan consolidation

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