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Loan for self-employed comparison – Find and apply for the best self-employed credit!

A loan for the self-employed helps to cleverly compensate for a current financial bottleneck and to quickly implement planned investments.

In order to provide you with the best possible information and show you how the cheapest way to apply for a loan for a self-employed person, we have developed a loan for the self-employed person with our finance team and experienced experts. In conjunction with external tests, it should offer you a comprehensive overview of the options for applying and the options regarding the selection.

If you also want to read more about the topic or are interested in specific aspects, you will find a small guide under the comparison, which will give you a good insight into the subject. Find the best loan for self-employed in the test now and apply for it online!


At a glance – what is a self-employed loan?

self-employed loan?

A credit for the self-employed is aimed at all those who earn their income on a self-employed or freelance basis. The loans that are available for this clientele can be used for self-employment, but also for the private sector. This should be stated when taking out the loan.


Is there a free loan for the self-employed?

free loan

Loans can be applied for free of charge – however, fees and interest accrue for borrowing the loan, all of which can be found in the effective interest rate. If you would like to have a precise overview of the additional costs for the loan for the self-employed, then simply ask the lending bank to break down the effective interest rate for you. You will then see what the bank charges money for and how extensive the individual interest and fees are.


The 5 most important criteria for the best loan for the self-employed

money loan for the self-employed

  1. Decide on a loan offer with the lowest possible effective interest rate
  2. Pay attention to good contact options and good customer service
  3. Only take up as much money as you really need
  4. Do not plan the monthly installments too high – they must not become a burden
  5. When choosing the right loan, pay attention to flexible repayment methods


This is how taking out a loan for the self-employed works

credit loan for the self-employed works

Before you take out a loan for the self-employed, you need to check whether you are creditworthy. Gather all the necessary documents and make sure that the balance sheets, tax returns and other notices are complete. Think carefully about what you want to use the money from the loan for. The bank wants to know this.

Then use our comparison to find an optimal loan partner. Contact the selected bank, fill out the loan application and attach all the documents to it. Send everything to the bank and wait for their reaction.

As a rule, the banks are quite quick and get back to you within a few hours or days. It may well be that further documents are then requested. Show yourself cooperative so that the loan can be approved quickly.

Before the loan contract is signed and the money is paid out, you have to go through a PostIdent procedure for an online loan. The bank has to check whether you are the person you claim to be. You can obtain the documents for the PostIdent procedure from the bank. Just go to a post office. Everything will be arranged there.


Credit for self-employed in the test – our conclusion

credit loan for the self-employed works

Even if the self-employed are not necessarily the bank’s favorite customers, they still have a good chance of getting a fair and cheap loan for the self-employed. However, the framework must fit, all income and expenses must be documented and the reason for borrowing must be plausible. Then you will surely find a bank from our comparison that will grant you the best credit for you.

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